How Our Firm Is Different

Our Story

Having worked at another law firm in Chester County, I noticed that clients would come in, we’d have a discussion and prepare some documents for them. They’d sign the documents (most often not having a clear sense of what they were signing), put them in a folder and never look at them again.

That’s just what the typical estate planning and lawyer’s experience had become.

There was nothing abnormal about it, but it didn’t feel right to me. We didn’t have a mechanism for following up with our clients, making sure their assets were titled properly, or communicating regularly to make sure their plans continued to work throughout the many changes in life.

Ultimately I decided the only way to change how this is done is to own my own firm following the idea that we would bring back the Personal Family Lawyer, where initial planning is just the beginning of the relationship and we are focused on putting in place a plan we know will work for you and the people you love.

So here are just a of the things we do differently based on my experience with the traditional methods of estate planning:

No Hourly Fees

Nothing we do is based on an hourly basis. Everything we do is based on a flat fee, agreed in advance, so that there are no surprises. You’ll know exactly what it will cost to work with us, after we’ve gotten a clear idea of what you want, and you’ll even be able to choose your own fee. Then, after the initial planning process, we have options so that you can ensure your plan stays up to date throughout your life, and again you’ll know exactly what that costs and chose your own fee there.

Your Support Team

We have a team of people here to support you. That means if you are at the bank and call our offices to get a quick answer about how to title an account, you don’t have to leave the bank and return on another day because there was no one available to answer your question for hours or days. You’ll be able to speak to someone to get your questions answered right away. And, if you need to speak with me about something that my team cannot answer, we’ll get a call scheduled so that I can be prepared and you can be prepared and we won’t waste your time playing phone tag.

No matter the challenge, we will be there for you to solve them and help to guide you through those difficult life decisions.

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